College Scholarships and Grants Made Simple

Let’s face it, almost everyone that plans to attend college would like to apply and receive grants and scholarships to help with the financial burden. As strong as the need or desire is to receive these funds, the process itself is equally overwhelming. There is the negative stigma attached to many scholarships that indicates only the smart and academically advanced will qualify for scholarships, and of course, athletes. This is not altogether true because the genre of scholarships has advanced greatly over the past few years. It’s even possible to obtain a scholarship simply for being left-handed and if you think that’s way out in left field, the reach goes further.


Most are aware that college is almost a requirement for most job positions these days, and with that being the case, tuition is on the rise. There are simple scholarships available for people with average grades that lead a less than involved life in regards to social circles and high-school athletics. One part of the plan to engage the simple scholarships is to do things that most other students don’t like to do. For instance, apply for the scholarships that require the writing of an essay. Most students aren’t going to take the time to complete an essay and this increases your opportunities greatly of being awarded those types of scholarships. If you enjoy writing and can put words together that makes sense, take a chance at it and possibly win the award.


Don’t be turned off by major specific scholarships. There are several scholarships available for the less popular majors. The thing is, applying for and receiving the scholarship as an undergrad, doesn’t restrict you from changing your major later if you choose to do so. Therefore, apply for these if interested and there are grants awarded for specific majors or degree programs as well. The simplest part of it all is starting the search early and not waiting until the very last minute.


  • Seek assistance from school counselors
  • Research scholarships and grants offered by the college
  • Online resources are key in obtaining hard-to-find free money
  • Designate 2-3 hours every other day to apply for scholarships and grants

The process of applying for free money doesn’t have to drain you but the rewards will definitely place you on the highway to financial freedom from debt after college. Do the research, submit the documents and applications and watch the free money add up.